Saturday, December 31, 2011


... me and a few #TFSmates were definitely in the building to witness this shxt. Even though the DJ and sound equipment sucked during his performance, the energy was fxcking ridiculous and filled with pure ignorance at its finest capabilities...


... damn, months after this song released they finally dropped the visual. Major swag in the video tho ... 



... these KD's could definitely be a runner up for top shoes of this year. Damn near every fxckin colorway that dropped since the first release has been heat.. I've seen "Nerfs" going for well over $4 Hunduh's on eBay. This is another crazy colorway tho to add to your KD collection, kinda in the same format of the 'China' LeBron 9s. OKC had a major start to the season too, hope you been keepin' up with the NBA. Stay tuned for more info on these though .. 


... it's Don Kelso again, and you know theres maybe a few more hours til the end of this year hits, and the World will no longer exist according to the Mayan clock. But before 12 AM hits, I had to introduce my [TFSmate] whom I consider my brother and I go to for my own personal footwear advice, @SupremeSwat, a.k.a. Rick b.k.a. dat nxgga Ken (.. my nxgga got 10 more alter ego's too). I had to get his opinion on what were the top 10 pieces of footwear that dropped within the last 12 month time period. Gotta remember this is his list, and at this point your opinion does not matter. If your # 1 shoe didn't even make the Top 10, then you can create your own and post it on Twitter for your followers to see.... SWAT Takeover !!!

10. Nike LeBron 8 Low "Solar Red"
S.Swat " One of the hottest and brightest colorways Nike could ever put on a shoe in 2011.. put em on and your feet might like a walking highlighter"

9. ?uestlove x Nike Sportswear Dunk High 

SSwat : "Hands down... the BEST Nike/Hip-Hop artist collaboration of the year"

8. Jeremy Scott x Adidas JS "Camo Wings" & "Teddy Bears"
"Couldn't really decide which of the two pairs were better.. so I made it a tie between these two. Even though I couldn't grab a pair of the "Camo" JS Wings, I did manage to snag up the "Teddy Bears" for the collection..."

7. Air Jordan Retro VII "Bordeaux"

"Jumpman took us back to 1992 with this re-release.. definitely a great summer shoe this year"

6. Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III's "Salmon Toes"

SSwat : "Ronnie created a frenzy with these shoes, had people camping out a week before the shoe came out. Who can make a pair of Asics look fly ?!"

5. Nike LeBron 8 Low "Miami Nights"

SSwat : "This was another shoe that cause mass hype to all of the Miami residents.. great year for LeBron"

4. Nike Air Foamposite One "Royal Blue"

SSwat : "2011 was definitely the year of the Foamposite. Even though we had other clean colorways that dropped, i.e. 'Pine Greens' or 'Electric Blues', nothing can surpass the original Royal Blue's"

3. Air Jordan Retro I "Banned"
SSwat : "This was a ultra exclusive release of the OG Air Jordan I's. Even Jay-Z wore his pair through the whole #WTT tour..."

2. Air Jordan Retro XI "Concords"

SSwat : "Yeah, I'm sure we can all agree.. might be #1 on some people's list"

1. Air Jordan Retro III "Black Cement"

SSwat : "Classic..... nuff said"

Video - Troy Ave. Ft. Chase N. Cashe - 501 Basic Blues

We about a month and some change late on this. But don't worry about all that. Brooklyn's friendly neighborhood dope boy Troy Ave teams up with Producer / Rapper Chase N. Cashe for this pack of Dopeness right here. The two are preparing a joint EP that remains untitled as of yet scheduled to drop in 2012.

Friday, December 30, 2011


End of The Year Countdown time Hoe. Lets get this popping with Albums. W/o further ado...

10. Drake - Take Care

...Let me be the voice of reason. This album isn't the classic some of y'all tenderloins are gassing it to be. And it is also not garbage like you lonely ass hip hop nerds say it is. Its a decent album. had its bright spots and its ehhhhh spots just like his previous album. I prefer Drake on mixtapes and guest appearances personally. This album further solidified that stance. But if I'm riding around with soft skin and estrogen sitting in my passenger seat I'll definitely jam out to this. No Prob.

9. Big Sean- Finally Famous 

...Maybe this should be higher. Maybe not. Solid album though. Not really a wack song on there. This coming from one of thee Biggest Non Big Sean fan there is. But yeah though. He didn't really miss a beat. The singles were all pure fire and everything. But depth and substance isn't really Big Sean's forte which is why him nor the album really did anything for me. But still a solid debut though.

8. D-League - Life Up

...Definitely a sleeper right here. These niggas are on deck, up next, however you wanna put it. The hunger as well as the growth is evident on this. A lot of introspect as well to compliment the swagger we've come to expect from the Duo. Also expect a lot of Big Shit from these boys in 2012. Salute Uncut and Demo.

7. Young Jeezy - Thug Motivation 103

...Mad anticipation and questions surrounded the release. No way it could live up to the hype right. Especially after the coming and going of a few dope ass singles that kept his name popping without an album to his credit. None of those bangers made the album but he replaced it with a few bangers of his own. I mean this album is nothing outside of what you would expect from Jeezy, but Jeezy always puts out solid projects (minus The Inspiration). This is another one. "I do" is all the makings of a classic and shit like "Leave You Alone" hits home on the front porch for a brother such as myself.

6. Weezy - The Carter IV

...I liked this album. Fxck if you did or not

5. Kendrick Lamar - Section 80

...Never got a chance to get through the whole album but from what I heard it is FIIIRE. and the Don himself, Kool Kid Killa Kelso says its a classic, so its a Fxckin' Classic. But tracks like "Hiipower" hit the spot hard as well as "Her evils". Kendrick is definitely the future of this hip hop shit and I'm cool with that. Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for the Compton kid.

4. Wale - Ambition

...I don't even know what to say about this album honestly. Top to Bottom. Bottom to top Wale is that dude. Personally I think the mixtape was better but I know why. Wale did what he had to do to produce a solid sophomore effort. Wale is one of the most versatile rappers in the game as far as substance goes. The album was as versatile as some of his mixtapes nor his first album but he did just enough to balance his artistic integrity and make an album that a major label will stick on the shelf and the dumbass masses will buy. It worked. So hats off to Wale. Its definetely a breathe of fresh air to see the boy Folarin succeding.

3. J.Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story

J. Cole came in with a solid debut. This is another one we were doubting. Horrible marketing, no single until a week before it drops, no visible significant help from the powers that be at his label, no gimmicks none of that. Just one of the most talented people to ever stand in front of microphone. And he produced most of the shit. J.Cole was definitely the underdog coming into this release. And to see him stay true to every premise he came in the game on and due the numbers he did; OutFxckingStanding. This album is definitely the feel good story of 2011.

2. Maybach Music - Self Made

...When you hear that bxtch say "Maybach Music" at the beginning of a record you're almost conditioned to expect epicness. This album was the epitome of that. This was probably my soundtrack on I-95 south headed to the 305 every night I went out. Top to bottom Bottom to top you could listen and not skip a single track. And it spawned quite possibly the hottest song of the year (To Be Determined later on) with "I'm a Boss." And we're not even gonna talk about I'm a Boss and the type of ignorance that song puts me on. But the album as a whole: fire. I'm really starting to believe the Maybach Empire is indeed UNTOUCHABLE.

1. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne

By Default. You heard it. You witnessed it. No need for a description. This album had it all with no weak links really. You got more (at least I did) than what was expected. I was sleeping. Thinking it was just some gimmick shit. Nah Bxtch this shit was the real deal. And the tour (from what I've heard) was the truth as well. Jay and Kanye delivered an almost Classic and the hottest album of 2011. TrueFxCkinStory

Thursday, December 29, 2011


... these kicks are pretty amazing bro. All of these flawless colorways only for a retail price of $95, from one of the greatest NBA players in the league to date. I know you seen KDizzle ballin' in the Christmas Day KDIV's, I've been searching retailers around here like crazy and can't find one pair in sight. But Mr. R's of Miami just got a few pairs of this Navy & Orange colorway. Expect to see em in more Nike basketball retailers around your area ... 


... even on a chill day, shorty can still pull of her swag in a pair of "Concord" Air Jordan XI's. Take notes ladies, take notes ...  


... just a reminder that the Jet Lifers will be in Miami this New Years Eve. So for those of you who don't feel like blowin' trees alone at the crib on NYE, you can definitely head out to Grand Central and party like true bosses ... #shoutouts to Dope Ent


... every year Nike brings back some classics to the retail market. The Nike Air Max Tempo will make its return in the Spring season in some original colors and some new fly colors as well, like the "neon" AM95 colorway you see right here. Shoes will be expected to hit retailers very soon, so pay attention to your nearest Nike retailers ... 


... yep, Harlem's hype, A$AP Rocky, and his crew will be here performing live in Miami tonight at Grand Central. Other acts such as Lunden and Gabe Fields will be there as well. Tickets are $15 a piece, totaling out to $25 after taxes for all those who need that exact amount on what their paying for... 


... the Jigga-man showed up to support the New Jersey Nets game against the Atlanta Hawks ( even though they lost 106-70 #BAD ). But the shoes lookin' clean theaux ... 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Lock this into your calendars ASAP !!!


... I know we rarely do much Reebok press like that, but they've started their own interview series with some of their endorsed entertainers. Here they have infamous photographer Jonathan Mannion interview Mr. Tupac  Reebok-back, Meek Mill, and show a lil behind the scenes footage of him and Mill's latest photo shoot for Reebok... 


... I ain't e'en know wifey had a problem with Mr. Brangadangdang, thought the two Berkley-ites were the best of friends. For those of you who really care tho, peep what my ol' girl has to say... 

... Hi Kreayshawn *Royce Da 5'9 voice*


... major #shoutouts to #TeamGhostWridah for keepin' a nxgga updated on his updates. Was just recently put onto the homey Ghost's latest EP which is inspired by greatness.. plus we're expected to premier an exclusive interview soon  from the Shaun Stormz Showcase pretty soon, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime between time, I dedicate those to all the homeys that spent their Thursday night camping out for #Concords so they can be fly in 2012, e'en if you ain't get a pair you was part of history. Click that download link, locate your lighters and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday to this shxt ... 


1. The United Center Intro
2. Buzzer Beater
3. Victory II
4. Take Flight
5. Black Super Hero 


... sexy-ass Rihanna just dropped her latest visuals for "You Da One" off of here latest album entitled Talk That Talk. Even though I'm getting more and more agitated everytime I hear "We Found Love" on the radio, she's still so fxckin sexy it's inevitably ridiculous.... #thethirstisreal 


... it seems Air Jordan's offspring, Marcus and Jeffery Jordan, are continuing on their Fathers legacy. The two are planning on launching their own website,, very soon and here they provide a lil' visual of the lifestyles of the two brothers have grown into being the youth of King Jordan... 


... I saw the homey "Yeezuz" aka "Mr.Jesus-Walks-I-Aint-Ever-Goin-To-Hell" tweeted this last night, almost making me drop my cup fulla Simply Lemonade. We haven't even seen the Yeezy 2's reach retailers yet, and definitely won't be able to see it until March 2012.. and now this guy is already plotting out his next sneaker. Damn, I hate you nxggas.. done started a whole new hype for something that we ain't e'en see the sketch for yet. Get prepared my friends.. we got a long way ahead of us.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


... the homey posted in the city, Bathing Ape style wit the Adi-lows. Most people would prolly over-look a fit like this theaux *no bromo*. But, 2012 I'm definitely getting my Adidas game up ...


... MJ brought it back to the classics with these. Next year, prepare yourself to see some of the infamous OG colorways come back to life. The 1997 Championship XII's will pave it way back to the retail market since it's last release in 2003. Wonder if there'll be much hype over theses things ?! No release date info as of now, stay tuned ...